When did Ruger tighten parts sales?

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When did Ruger tighten parts sales?

Post by ruger22 » Fri May 22, 2015 2:17 pm

Tried to order a Bearcat trigger this morning, but no dice since it is a "factory fitted" part. I already have one, that I bought from Ruger 4 years ago. In fact, I have a bag of parts that would make another Bearcat if I had a frame and cylinder. All bought from Ruger.

In the LCR manual, every single part but the grip is marked "factory fit only". They won't even sell you the little screw at the top of the frame. If you need that screw, you have to send them the gun........ :crazy eyes: ......Crazy! I have a bag of twenty LCR parts that I bought two years ago, from Ruger. Today I would not be able to buy any of those parts. I am so glad that I've long had the habit of keeping parts for every gun I own.

I guess I won't buy any more Rugers until the parts policy changes, if ever, unless it's a new version of one I already have parts for. I explained that in Ruger's "Tell The CEO", and let him know I'll get the trigger from Numrich. They are out of stock, but I'll get it later. I just wanted to maybe try a little stoning on one.
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