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Post from the Bullseye List-magazine test

Posted: Mon Sep 30, 2019 5:10 pm
by stork
Below is a thread from the Bullseye List. Yeah I clipped & pasted, but we need some movement on GTO.

Accuracy Testing article in Shooting Sports magazine I_icon_minipost by Wes Lorenz Today at 1:04 am
I discovered mags can make a difference as shown in the pictures. Almost all of the wide shots came from the same magazine over and over.

Interesting find Wes.
Not that I can find a way to blame the magazine for my occasional 7 or 6 even. But, I have noticed that when I change mags, when Ransom testing, that the first shot is out of the group. Even tho I load 5, shoot 4 and then change mags.

I noticed years back that one of the local guys has always used 1 mag for the entire match and just reloads that one. Never thought to ask him why. Perhaps he knew something that never occurred to me.

UPDATE 25 Sep19:

I gathered 15 (most, not all) of my 1911 mags & set out to do some comparison testing with the RR. The load used (4.0 clays, RP brass, Zero 200 swc, .469 crimp) wasn't the best one for the springfield, averages 2 1/2-3"@ 50 yds. Just happened to be what I had plenty of in my locker for the test. Waited until the last shooter had left for the evening & then set up @ 50 yds. 4 of them were really consistent. 8 of them were mediocre. and 3 were 6-7" patterns. No best brand, the good mags were a mixture of mfg. Barrel was scrubbed every 50 rds. Loaded 5-shot 4-reloaded 5 more with the same mag.

At the end I shot the Zero SWC load the Springfield likes (same except for TZZ brass instead of RP) and it was back to it's normal 2"+ @ 50. Then, just to satisfy my own curiosity of mixing lead & jacketed, I put 10 rds of Zero 185 Jacketed, 4.6gr BE without scrubbing the bore and it went right into it's normal 1 1/2" group. Not bad for a wad gun that's seen in excess of 83,000 rds.