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22/45 MKIII - 2ND Round Fail to Feed

Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2013 4:32 pm
by sosoonold
I'm looking for information I've seen in the past about magazine fit.
I find that I have to smack the mag with the heel of my hand to be sure it's fully seated or I'll get a FTF, or a 'banana' jam. It has Volq trigger, sear, LCI bump removed, sling shot and MKII bushing. I have 3 Mags and all act the same. About 2,000 round count with issues only when 'loaned out' and mags seated with fingers or in freezing temps when the bolt is a little slow (I'm trying different lubes).
Input is appreciated.

OK, 13 views and no responses :roll: . . . :idea: maybe I need to give more information.
The magazines lip clearance on all three mags is .020". When one is inserted with finger pressure the mag release button 'clicks' but the right side of the button does not go flush with the frame unless additional pressure is exerted, then it clicks again and completes its' travel. Is it necessary to file the latch catch on every mag or is there another fix?

Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2013 4:51 pm
by Bullseye
If you remove the button from the frame you can file a little off of the lower edge of the button to allow for better seating. In a 22/45 this means removing the trigger, trigger pivot pin, and then you can swing out the long bent spring that captivates the magazine release button into the frame and slide out the button.

You want to file just a little off of the edge shown by the green arrow.


Reinstall everything and check for fit.


Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2013 7:35 pm
by sosoonold
Awesome! Thank you!

I have noticed that the plastic base of the 22/45 MKIIII mag has to flex up a bit to get that 2nd click that I mentioned.
What clearance am I looking for . . . about .060 ?? So take about .040 off of the button edge ?

OK, now I've got the button out . . . it's a little different than the diagram. The small pin is right on the edge of the shaft, the large 1/2 pin is centered and the ledge that the mag catches on looks like it's on the large 1/2 pin's center line. That ledge would have to be end milled to relieve it and maintain a 90' angle. Is this because it's a 22/45 MKIII ?

Done . . . relieved the button ledge .010" and it let the mag drop to .036" clearance and now the mag no longer has base plate tension and it only clicks once to fully seat it. :lol: Thanks for the direction.

Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2013 9:17 pm
by Bullseye
Yes it is a little different because that is a drawing of the metal frame's button and not the 22/45 release button. You want to take off some metal were the magazine rests on the release. The bump on the mag is only about 1/8" deep so you shouldn't need to mill it a good metal bastard file and some careful long strokes is all you need. Hit it with a Sharpie marking pen when you get some bare metal to keep track of where the file is removing the material and to ensure you are keeping the file's cutting edge square.